Energy converters

Siqens is a high tech company with its location in Munich, Germany. We are developing and producing methanol fuel cells in the power range of 0,5 to 5 kW. We are interested in industrial cooperation partners for developing products for specific markets. Our interest is the leisure applications where the low noise and eco-friendly characteristics are in focus. Additionally, we are about to develop an energy converter for backup power supply in off-grid applications where low maintenance, high efficiency, and easy logistics of non-blended standard methanol are the main advantages of our technology.

Energy Converter for Methanol

What we offer

We are currently developing a fuel cell with 0,8 kW electrical power and 1 kW thermal power. The system will be tested in the field next year in leisure applications. Features are: High efficiency of up to 40% (electrical), small dimension of below 60 L and no noise or harmful gases/dust. For industrial (stationary) applications we are planning a 1.5 kW system which functions as a backup power supply in industrial applications. A key customer benefit of our technology is the usability of non-blended standard methanol, which allows for local sourcing and an attractive base price.

What we are looking for

For industrial (stationary) applications we are searching for partners who will define specifications and co-develop the system into a nearly market-ready state. We are also looking for partners for later distribution and marketing. Our goal is to develop an alternative to the diesel genset, which is not only much more eco-friendly but also economically competitive.


  • fuel cells

Collaboration sought

  • Industrial alliance
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Research, Technological alliance



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