Steel Components manufacturing

Berdan Civata from Tarsus,Turkey has been manufacturing CE approved steel fastening components since 1979 according to international standard or non standard product to the special projects.
Berdan has an accredited test laboratory according to EN17025 as well as CE certificates for EN 14399-1 for preload and EN15048-1 non preload bolting assembly besides AD 2000 W for the pressure vessels and valve manufacturers.
Serving to refineries, petrochemical plants, constructions with the bolts, nuts, washers,studbols and anchorbolts, Berdan has been manufacturing for the WIND PROJECTS. Main products are tower bolts, nacel compenents, stud for blades, load spreading plates and anchorbolts.
Berdan has an integrated manufacturing process with own heat treatment , own coating facilities and accredited test laboratory.
Berdan has got patent for the manufacturing process which eliminates Hydrogen Embrittlement risk without using no acid in cleaning products before galvanizing.

International Trade manager

What we are looking for

Berdan is a steel fastening manufacture such as bolt, nut ,anchorbolts and Tower bolts, nuts, anchorbolts to the Wind Tower.
Our products are mainly used for the Wind Sector to the nacelle, blades, rotor, tower and anchorcages.
We are looking for customers to collaborate with our CE approved fasteners for their projects in Turkey or in the world for the Wind farms.


  • wind turbine component suppliers

Collaboration sought

  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Trade Intermediary Service (agent, distributor, representative)



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