Long term energy store

We deal with energy topics:
1) produce energy --> PV
2) save energy --> LED
and main topic:
3) store energy --> BLUE HAMSTER

Mossau Energy is located in Aurich, North-Germany, its main business is planing and building Photovoltaic (PV)-plants with optimal results. So Mossau's PV-roofs earn roundabout 10% more energy in comparation to other PV-plants in the area.

longterm storage renewable energy

What we offer

Our self-sufficient power supply "Blue Hamster" can store energy as a long term storage on base of hydrogen-gas. Surplus Energy from the summer is converted by an electrolyser into hydrogen-gas and can then be permanently stored in tanks.
If the system needs energy, the gas can be re-converted into electrical energy via a fuel cell.
The Blue Hamster is ready to market, two systems are working; one works as a reference plant in Aurich and the other works successful at a customer plant.

This development as a closed complete system makes us in this performance category to a market leader.

What we are looking for

Due to our calculation we need three years time to reach the break even point.
So we need an investor.
An advantage would be if we find an investor who can support us in the implementation of marketing processes and has know-how in international sales questions.


  • hydrogen storage solutions
  • fuel cells
  • financial services

Collaboration sought

  • Financial alliance
  • Industrial alliance
  • Joint Venture Agreement


Head of Development

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