Innovation for Home and Environment

Offers License for a device controlling the consumption of electrical energy to improve the share from wind and sun. Independent from central service providers. Immediately working efficiently after installation.
A selfcontained device for controlling the electrical energy from Wind and Sun following the swarm princible.

Consumption control for electr. energy based on the swarm principle

What we offer

Innovation for Environment saving Processes and Products

Here: License offer or take over for a patent application about a unit controlling the elektrical power consumption from wind and sun EP 2431769 A3

- Improving the power consumption from wind and sun (electrical energies with high availability, but high fluctuations)
- No need for central software system (Hacker threat)
- No need for distributed (expensive) communication infrastructure
- effective operation immediately after installation

What we are looking for

Licensees or Companies, willing to take over the a.m. patent application EP 2431769 A3


  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • operators
  • power networks

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial alliance



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