Engineering and test services

The IMA Dresden is a leading provider of testing and engineering services of all materials and components to the aerospace, rail, automotive, metal and plastic industry. Founded in 1993 in Dresden, the IMA experts carry out scientific and technical customer specific services and application-oriented research and development services. In our department plastics you can except a broad spectrum of services including: development, construction, calculation and prototyping of fibre components // property characterisation of plastics and its products // verification, monitoring and certification of construction materials // special verifications of fibre-reinforced composites // expert advice to raw materials and technology of plastics // material database.

Engineering and test services

What we offer

You have the highest technical demands on your products. As a competent and experienced partner we provide engineering services for the entire development and certification process of rotor blade
components and materials.
• Full-scale-test of rotor blades (static, cyclic, modal analysis)
• Structure and component testing (Rotor blade, structural unit, Substructures, Laminate)
• Material testing for determining specific values (static, cyclic, dynamic)
• FRP-engineering (one-stop solutions – from concept development to prototype testing)
• Technical center for FRP (manufacturing of prototypes and samples, technology development)
• Development of test concepts
• Finite-element-analysis and multi-body-system simulation
• Operational stability analysis
• Material databases

What we are looking for

For B2B meetings, please visit us directly at our exhibition booth
Hall 3 EG; booth 110.


  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • offshore
  • research and education

Collaboration sought

  • Research, Technological alliance


Project Engineer / Department Plastics

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