Closed Die Forgings and Machining

Bifrangi Uk Ltd operates 2 sites within the UK; a facility in Lincoln the forging site which operates a 16,000 tonne Weingarten Screw Press and currently being installed there is also a 32,000 tonne Schuler Screw Press. The Lincoln site is also constructing a Research & Development which is due to open in April of 2015 which is aimed at assisting the development of new technologies and methods of manufacture. The second site is located in Sheffield and is primarily a machining plant which currently specialises in the machining of large crankshafts.
Bifrangi UK is seeking to diversify its product range and wishes to enter into new markets we will be working closely with local universities and three Advanced Research Centres within the Uk so as to offer competitive and innovative service and products. The business established for over 150 years and has experienced many changes and now seeks to break into new areas of expertise marrying our current capabilities to future requirements.

Closed Die Forging & Machining

What we offer

Bifrangi Uk offers a complete service of design, forging and machining of components. We can forge parts up to 4 metres in length and 1 tonne in weight.
Parts we have identified for forging and machining through our processes include: shafts, gearbox components, generator parts, yaw and blade bearings.
Bifrangi can support new and innovative designs through its Research & Development facility in Lincoln whilst also providing in-house design engineers. Our 32,000 tonne screw press gives a near net finish thereby reducing material input costs and the strength of the part is increased through the forging operation. Once forged Bifrangi can offer to machine parts to our customers specifications at our bespoke machining facility in Sheffield.

What we are looking for

Bifrangi Uk Ltd is seeking partners to collaborate with in the production and delivery of parts for the energy industry.
Bifrangi offers a brand new Research and Development facility and over 150 years of experience in both the forging and machining industries.
Although we are new to this market we will offer a comprehensive service from inception and design to finish.


  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • offshore

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial alliance
  • Industrial alliance
  • Research, Technological alliance
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity


Commercial Manager

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