Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH is a specialist in industrial fuel cells and fuel cell hybrid systems with more than 16 years’ experience in this sector – from the development and manufacturing of fuel cell stacks from 2 to 25 kW, fuel cell systems and the implementation of customised hybrid solutions. The company is located in Puchheim near Munich and has about 60 employees in development, manufacturing, administration and sales. Through considerable experience in the field of low temperature PEM fuel cell stack development, customers benefit from tried-and-tested solutions regarding efficient systems for mobile and stationary applications.
Some of the company’s milestones, all based on PM’s own stack technology:
2009: Fuel cell hybrid bus with triple hybrid system developed with Skoda Electric (TriHyBus). Fuel cell power 50 kW.
2012: Range extender (7 kW) developed inside a NOW funded project for light duty trucks of Smith Electric Vehicles. Presented at the Hanover Fair 2012, PM is in charge of development according to customer specification, electrical, mechanical and control integration.
2012: Implementation of a 5 kW DC-EPS with fuel cell. The PM Module S5 is in operation since Nov 2012. Proton was a subcontractor of Modl and it was a pilot project together with E.ON Bayern AG and the Modl GmbH.
2013: Completion of the development of a range extender system (25 kW) for electric busses and light duty commercial trucks.
2014: In-house operation and validation of the 25 kW stationary fuel cell system in in a 19” rack. The rack includes two systems which lead to a total electrical power output of 50kW.

PEM Fuel Cell Systems for mobile, stationary and maritime applications in the upper power range

What we offer

- Engineering and simulations
- PEM fuel cell stacks up to 30 kW
- 5 kW fuel cell system for stationary back up applications
- 25 kW fuel cell system for stationary back up and prime power applications up to several MW
- Hydrogen to Power
- fuel cell stacks and system testfield

What we are looking for

- Utilities
- Companies which need secure energy and long time uninterrupted power supply
- partner for integrating fuel cell systems in buses and duty vehicles


  • hydrogen storage solutions
  • fuel cells
  • e-mobility


Head of Marketing

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