new technologies, energy, sustainable economic development

ENEA is a research body. It has nine Research Centers located all over Italy. They are endowed with a wide range of expertise, advanced facilities and instruments put at the disposal of the Nation's scientific and entrepreneurial community.
ENEA research activities are focused on the following sectors:
ENERGY EFFICIENCY : Support to Public Administration, Information and Training; Advanced Technologies for Energy and Industry
RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES: Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy; Photovoltaics; Biomass and Biofuels; Solar Thermal Energy at low and medium temperatures; Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Energy Storage Systems
NUCLEAR ENERGY: Nuclear Fusion; Nuclear Fission
CLIMATE AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Environmental Characterization, Prevention and Recovery; Environmental Technologies; Energy and Environmental Modeling; Marine environment and Sustainable Development; Antarctic Expeditions and Research in Polar Areas
SAFETY AND HUMAN HEALTH: Seismic Protection; Radiation Biology and Human Health; Radiation Protection; Metrology of Ionizing Radiation
NEW TECHNOLOGIES: Materials Technologies; Radiation Applications; Sustainable Development and Innovation of the Agro-Industrial System; ICT
ELECTRIC SYSTEM RESEARCH: Studies and research, under a Programme Agreement with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, aimed at innovating the National Electric System to make it cheaper, safer and more environmentally-friendly.
ENEA promotes collaboration with foreign organizations and institutions in order to participate in research programs and activities of the main international bodies acting in science and technology, also providing expertise for the definition of technical standards.
The main initiatives are implemented within the Agency in the framework of:
• EU ACTIVITIES: EURATOM; Projects funded by the EU, European Technology Platforms; RTD Framework Programme Committees; ENEA Office in Brussels; Strategic Initiatives
In particular, the Agency's international activities are carried out through:
• participation in projects mainly financed by EU programs, as well as European Technology Platforms (ETPs) and international initiatives;
• support to the activities of its delegates / experts within international R&D committees and groups;
• promotion of the relations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italian scientific attachés abroad, scientific attachés of foreign embassies in Italy, and the Italian Permanent Representation to the EU;
• reception, at its research centres, of official foreign delegations, also aimed at defining specific bilateral and multilateral collaboration agreements and Memoranda of Understanding;
• organization of international events and meetings;
• hospitality at its laboratories of foreign fellows working in the areas of main interest of the Agency.
ENEA international activities are coordinated and supervised by the International Relation Service.
ENEA also operates through its ENEA-EU Liaison Office in Brussels , promoting and strengthening the image of the Agency and supporting the development of research projects and activities within the European Union.
Besides research, ENEA acts as national Agency in support of central and local Public Administration, enterprises and citizens.
Specifically, ENEA provides:
• Services to Enterprises
• Support to Public Administration
• Technologies and Expertise for Cultural Heritage Preservation
• Radiation Protection Services
• Radioactive Waste Management Services


  • hydrogen storage solutions
  • research and education

Collaboration sought

  • Research, Technological alliance



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