Lidar manufacturer

The ZephIR Lidar team deliver world class, industry leading wind measurement systems and supporting services for onshore and offshore wind energy projects and turbine mounted applications.

For a decade of experience and finance grade wind data, speak to the original wind lidar provider - ZephIR Lidar.

ZephIR Lidar - Finance grade remote wind measurements

What we offer

The Customer can be confident of an industry recognised solution utilising proven ZephIR LIDAR technology, providing a flexible on and offshore wind resource measurement tool designed to offer real advantages and cost savings over traditional methods such as fixed masts.

What we are looking for

Companies who are interested in improving their wind measurement abilities.

ZephIR has been used for over 10 years in the wind industry used in over 35 countries, on over 800 deployments and accumulating nearly 4 million hours of valuable customer data. ZephIR is accepted by Banks’ Engineers as a device that can be used quantitatively within formal wind speed and energy assessments with limited or no site-specific validation against conventional anemometry.


  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • offshore
  • fuel cells

Collaboration sought

  • Research, Technological alliance


Sales Manager

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