“QOS ENERGY” is based in Nantes (France) and develops renewable energies monitoring solution allowing to manage an heterogeneous plants fleet from the same platform with diversity of technologies (PV, wind, micro-hydraulics, Biogas…) and offering an unique hardware agnostic platform, avoiding the use of different solutions from OEMs.

Beyond what our competitors can offer in terms of monitoring, our solution provides a centralized and consolidated performance at different scales: plant, site or all your fleet. Qantum is also a CMMS solution perfectly adapted to the renewable energy constraints (alarms setting, ticketing, interventions monitoring, reports, enduser portal, dashboards presentations, mobile app …) with a high grade of flexibility that allows to adapt the monitoring performance to your specific needs.


What we offer

Area of Expertise: Software development - Renewable Energy - Telecommunication
Product: Software platform to operate your Wind and Solar parks with independence of hardware solution.
Key benefits:
- Open, hardware agnostic, cloud-based software allowing aggregation of data across heterogeneus parks.
- Flexible tools allow for the customization of formulas, reports, dashboards
-Simple, powerful web-interfaces being easy to use
- Complete suite of performance management functions, with an integrated CMMS to efficiently handle tickets and SLAs.
- Dynamic control to ensure compliancy with grid operators and Feed-in management requirements.
-Collaborative workspace with managed acces rights for all levels of users
- Multi energy: solution for PV, Wind, biogas and hybrid sites

What we are looking for

If you are...

- Operator, Producer of renewable energies
- Power Plant Installer, Maintainer
- Investor in renewable energies
- Engineering Office specialized in renewable energies
- Developer of renewable energy projects

...I will be pleased to show our innovative solution and make you discovering our endless possibilities.

Hardware and software related companies are welcomed to exchange our business approaches and evaluate possible collaborations.


  • operators
  • power networks

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial alliance
  • Industrial alliance
  • Trade Intermediary Service (agent, distributor, representative)


Sales Engineer

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