OFFSHORE wind energy

design & construction
expert and consultancy

design & engineering, heavy offshore construction, jacking, skidding, transport & positioning

What we offer

• Expert and Consultancy for floating construction, working boats and barges to owner, yard, construction & insurance companies as well legal proceedings
• Professional Experience: in new design, development & delivery of special and heavy construction, used in coastal
water, seaport area and inland waterways.
• The management team and naval architect clarify, develop and settle all technical and logistic details in piling, noise reduction, pile cutting, base- frame foundation, positioning, skidding, jacking and installation of platform, CAT and winch- house incl. grouting works above and under waterline.
• All T & I operation at sea supported by electronic, cable- less remote control and video- transfer for surveying and monitoring all steps of works by camera, scanner, sonar, sounder and measurement equipment, appropriate above and under waterline.
• to be reliable partner with quick and viable solutions in respect of demands
• our specialities: tailor made solutions and engineering
• our Result: high technique & quality at favourable condition

What we are looking for

customer and subcontractor operating in the in the field
of offshore construction,
Customer requirement for support in T & I and offshore operation
Requirement for support in jacking, skidding, positioning
of offshore construction
Customer requirement for expert and consultancy works for floating construction, working boats and barges to owner, yard, insurance companies as well legal proceedings


  • offshore
  • operators
  • planning offices

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial alliance
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Research, Technological alliance
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity
  • Trade Intermediary Service (agent, distributor, representative)


senior naval architect &

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