Engineering solutions

Pontis Engineering specializes in integrated, one-stop-shop engineering solutions for the development of advanced composite products, excelling in innovative power, cost effectiveness and quality.

Our team offers market-leading expertise in the development of large composite structures. We use the latest technologies in the pursuit for lower cost of energy
and finding smarter ways to capture the wind.

With over 20 years of rotor blade experience, designs up to 10 MW and extensive industry knowledge and network, we are your highly qualified partner in developing state of the art rotor blades.

Briding design & production

What we offer

Pontis Engineering has been founded to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing in composite structures. Especially in composites where material properties are defined in the manufacturing process we provide our long term experience enabling top-class products meeting international standards and certification . Pontis provides design assesments to existing designs optimizing the designs for performance and cost-effectiveness.

Pontis provides design-assessments to exising and new designs. We are the only engineering company in the world with experience on more than four different offshore rotorblade designs.

More than 30 mould sets have been build with customers and suppliers, ranging from 20 to 75 mtr in length. We have a global presence ranging from USA to Beijing enabling short communication and involvment. Pontis stands for the whole package needed to start up a composite manufacturing en pontis implements on site. We train your team!
High expertise in vacuum infustion process.

High expertise in windenergy rotorblades and structural composites. Manufacturing technology enabling Aerospace accuracy with boatbuilding technology.

What we are looking for

Rotorblade manufacturers and OEM turbine manufacturers. Cooperation in developing manufacturing standards and processes.


  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • research and education

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial alliance



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