Operation and management of wind turbines

Operation Management Services is an independent service provider for onshore wind parks and turbines.
OMS developed the traditional concept of wind park monitoring into a system of 24/7 monitoring, optimization and pro-active management. Our approach is characterized with reaction times of less than one hour, daily analysis and reporting of the production, wind conditions, availability, power curve, and details on all active warnings and stops including calculation of the lost production due to each stop.
Scheduled maintenance: all required annual, semi-annual, and pre-end warranty inspections and maintenance including replacement of all parts subject to wear and tear of the WTG and the auxiliary infrastructure according to the specifications and requirements of the manufacturers.
Service, repair and replacement: Under our turn key service we secure round the clock presence of our service teams on the wind farm, management of spare part stock and full scope of unscheduled maintenance.
Rotor blades – inspection, cleaning, repair and replacement.
Our track record shows rectification of over 90% of the total number of stops within the first hour of downtime.

Operation Management Services - independent service provider for onshore wind parks and turbines.

What we offer

Pre and post warranty inspections
Round the clock remote monitoring and management
Daily in-depth reporting and analysis
Round the clock on-site management
Data collection and storage
Preventative maintenance of WTG and adjacent infrastructure
Repair of all electric, electronic and mechanical failures on WTG
Repair and replacement of large components on WTG
Inspections and service of rotor blades
Inspection and certification of lifts and ladders
Management of spare parts stock
Maintenance and repair of HV lines and substations
Balance of plant

What we are looking for

As an independent O&M service provider OMS is interested to make a contacts with owners of wind farms, component suppliers and wind turbine manufacturers.


  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • operators


Business Development

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