enervis is a specialized management consultancy for the energy industry. Our services range from market analysis to the development of market strategies and their implementation as appropriate business concepts. For our clients we develop and operate computer-based models and provide support for investment appraisal as well as operational business.
Client base
- German energy suppliers (gas and electricity)
- European energy suppliers (gas and electricity)
- Large industrial clients and industry/sector associations

Recognising strategic potentials and using them effectively

What we offer

- Market analysis and assessment, market structure and design
- Long-term price forecasts: market scenario calculations (until 2050) for all EU power markets
- Balancing energy market: market analysis, forecast of price developments
- Power plant dispatch: dispatch on all relevant markets (wholesale/spot, intraday, balancing markets)
- Business planning: cost and revenue planning, profit and loss, tax
- Wind power: project assessment, due diligence, project development, market studies
- Renewable energy: market integration of renewables, portfolio calculations


  • research and education
  • power networks


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