Horizontal Small Wind Turbines (HSWT)

Developer, Manufacturer and Distributor of Horizontal Small Wind Turbines (HSWT)
We manufacture 100 % of Turbine in Germany

Windmanufactur develops, manufactures and distributes small wind turbines (SWT) systems that supply the best price performance ratio and the cheapest total price and weight for everyman and every country’s mass markets.
All gained experience over the last 12 years flow into a new system design to supply German high-technology for far east costs.
Our Mission is to create very cheap People´s Small Wind Turbines – Volkswind-turbines to bring light into the remotest Corner of the world: Millions of Houses, SMEs, Farms, GSM-masts, etc. have a permanent need for energy.
Except solar the small wind is the only renewable energy source for everyman everywhere to produce energy. Windmanufactur enables all those little people in all those little places to produce their own energy.

We supply complete Horizontal Small Wind Turbine Systems b2b and b2c.

Power classes:
Systems with Gearbox:
0,5kW (12kg generator & wings)
1,5kW (30kg generator & wings)
5kW (65kg generator & wings)

Systems without gearbox
0,8kW (peak power at 8 m/s)
2 kW (peak power at 8 m/s)
5 kW (peak power at 10 m/s)

Small Wind Turbines - Wind to energy everywhere for everyone

What we offer

Development, Manufacturing and Distribution of horizontal small wind turbines (H SWT) systems, also for mobile use with the best price performance ratio for everyman and every country’s mass market: Volkswind Turbines.
[Volkswind turbines means People´s small wind turbines
similar to the Beetle from Volkswagen which was a car affordable to everyone and ever country.]

We develop and manufacture our own generator- and wing system in Germany.

We offer the following Power classes:

Complete Systems with Gearbox:
- 0,5kW (12kg generator & wings)
- 1,5kW (30kg generator & wings)
- 5kW (65kg generator & wings)

Complete Systems without gearbox:
- 0,8kW (peak power at 8 m/s)
- 2 kW (peak power at 8 m/s)
- 5 kW (peak power at 10 m/s)

Generator and wings

Our products support the personal energy transformation: Beside solar there is only wind for the individual to produce renewable energy.
Our turbines can be mounted on the building, tower, ship, farm or on your site.

Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMU)
Farming & Off Grid
Private Homes
GSM / Cell Phone Towers, Pumpjacks, offshore plattform

During the last 12 years, we have developed and tested one of the most effective and most affordable small wind turbine systems. It is outstanding in terms of efficiency, smooth running, weight and noise emission, as well as cost of ownership and life time.
We thus provide German high technology and quality for far east costs.

Optimization of all own components:
1. Wind turbine (generator)
2. Wings with automatic brake for classes 500, 1.500 and 5.000 watts
3. Mast tower: 2 - 19 meters
4. Wind power inverters
5. Charge controller and overload protection

■ 4th life cycle: Outstanding effective and efficient products
■ Over 40% power reserve capacity guarantees extremely long product life
■ Legal protection of utility model and patents pending
■ Suitable for hydropower

■ Assembly and Quality by Germany
■ Low production cost because low weight and thus low use of materials.
■ Effective and cost extensive manufacturing design and assembly structure

■ Even without subsidiaries profitable because of lowest price
■ 5kW generator weighs 70 kg compared to up to 500 kg with other systems
■ Unique, resting spot free generator feeds in electricity at lowest wind speed

What we are looking for

■ International sales and service partners with experience in small wind power, solar or electric installation
■ customers that want / have to produce energy at site
- telecommunication (GSM / cell Phone towers )
- off shore application that can be supplied with small wind
- SMU, hotel- & farm business
- mobile applications for small wind power


  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • offshore
  • planning offices

Collaboration sought

  • Industrial alliance
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity
  • Trade Intermediary Service (agent, distributor, representative)



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