Data management for wind power

Our ambition is to make renewable electricity cheaper for the consumer and more profitable for the owner by converting more wind into electricity.

We are confident that continuously pushing to lower investment / MWH will make wind power abundant worldwide within the next 10-15 years and thereby off setting dirty, less profitable sources of electricity.

We use our expertise in wind power, computer science and interface design to create products that generate valuable and actionable insights for increased power output.

Our customers range from wind farm developers to owners and operators that own assets such as wind turbines, met mast or remote sensing devices. Their common need is to understand and make sense of large sets of data.

Our customers with wind turbines are given the choice to provide data to a large anonymous database of other turbines to facilitate data sharing and collaboration to innovate on new technologies, service concepts, forecasting tools etc.

Breeze system

What we offer

Breeze Production

Breeze Production is a state of the art software as a service (SaaS), turbine independent, user friendly, real-time management system for wind farm owners, operators, managers and analysts. Breeze Production provides actionable information about wind energy production performance to global clients with the common need to make sense of high volumes of real-time data to make wind assets more profitable. From the beginning, Breeze Production was designed in collaboration with some of Sweden's leading wind farm operators. A stable software architecture and pre-configured dashboards and reports allow for date-certain installation and no fear of exceeding a pre-defined budget, things which generic software projects have great difficulty doing.

What we are looking for

We are looking for meetings with the Operations Director/Manager, Head of O&M strategy, Head of Wind Measurements, Wind Resource Assessment Analyst or Director of Engineering of wind power developers, wind farm owners and wind farm operators. All would be private or publicly traded companies (no universities, research, etc).


  • operators

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial alliance



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