Hydraulics and cooling solutions

Hydratech Industries Wind Power designs and produces reliable hydraulic and cooling solutions to the international wind turbine industry. With 30 years of experience, we know the market and its challanges. We focus on product development in our 1600m2 R&D development.
Our solutions are designed to withstand harsh environments.
To be close to our customers, we have production facilities in Denmark, China, India and the USA.

Reliable hydraulic and cooling solutions

What we offer

Hydratech Industries Wind Power supplies the wind turbine industry with reliable components for pitch hydraulics, pitch control systems, hydraulic braking and cooling solutions, rotor locks, and hatch opening systems. Our cutting-edge products and flexible design approach mean we can integrate our components into the most advanced wind turbines.

What we are looking for

With a long experience in design and production of hydraulics and cooling solutions within the wind turbine industry, we are looking for customers within this industry. Examples of our customers are wind turbine manufacturers and design houses. We have at Hydratech Industries Wind Power locations in Denmark, India, China and the USA,


  • wind turbine component suppliers

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial alliance


Sales Manager

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