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The Grene-concern is represented in 8 country world wide and employ 1100 people. Grene Danmark main field are subcontractor to the windturbine busienss, Industry and hydraulics.
Grene Wind industry supply are supplying whole range of products to the windmille industry – the latest product is Non Nafta - rust protection (environmentally friendly)

We protect what you care for.

What we offer

Non Nafta rust protection: The company offers lasting rust protection for steel sheets and machinery parts to the wind turbine manufactory and there subcontractor – by using this product you don’t need to give a finishing treatment on any surface later whichs will reduce cost a lot.
( Non Nafta green line – is used among others by Siemens and Vestas)
If you had any problem with rust it could be bolt holes, flange, main shaft, hub, bolt hole for blade ect. we had the rust protection you need and on top of that, our rust portection is the only environmentally friendly product in the world market, it dont contain any solvent.
We allso had the right tools for the job. ( also customer made if necessary)
Tool container service - sales - construction - leaseing tool container.

What we are looking for

Get in contact with potential wind turbine manufactory and subcontractors who manufact steel sheets and important machinery parts to the wind turbine who need to protect the parts aginst rust, either for transportation - storage for long or short period.
Or company in general who had any kind of problem with rust.

Get in contact in windturbine manufactory and subcontractor who need a strong tool partner for handling there tool container - sales of new equipment or who are interrested in leaseing tool container for a short or longer period.


  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • offshore
  • operators
  • planning offices

Collaboration sought

  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity
  • Trade Intermediary Service (agent, distributor, representative)


Business unit manager

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