Sales and manufacture of specialised transport equipment for ports and industry

Novatech is a Danish company with Head Quater in Aalborg-Denmark and production facilities in Orzesze-Poland. Novatech is specialized in designing and producing transport equipment for port and industrial use. Novatech is one of the biggest producers of Port transport equipment, and related to this we have been the chosen partner when developing new transport equipment for several different industrial applications such as: Wind Turbine Industry, Steel Mill Industry, Precast Industry, Paper Mill Industry, and Off-Shore Industry. Novatech is capable of producing all kind of transportation equipment for the Wind Turbine Industry, designed by both the turbine producer or our own equipment design. Novatech is producing different equipment for all major producers, such as blade transportation brackets, tower brackets and Nacelle brackets.

Specialised transport equipment for ports and industry

What we offer

A wide range of lifting and moving equipment for internal transport of heavy elements, developed according to the actual need of the customer. Novatech has its own design staff which can help you design the transport equipment suitable for YOUR need:
- Wind Tower Transport System (Wind Tower Boogie)- consists of a Front Bogie with attached Gooseneck for use on a Terminal Tractor and a After boogie for Tower transport.
- Tower Lifter- can lift the tower directly from ground without
damaging the towers surface treatment. A fully self-contained unit with battery operated hydraulic system.
- Different Transport Brackets
- Flexmaster and Cassettes- cassettes are used as transport and/or storage area for the actual elements. Flexmaster for loading and unloading cassettes
- Roll Trailer- standard and special trailers customized to the individual needs

What we are looking for

Get in contact with wind turbine manufactory and subsontractors who need a partner for developing transport equipment for Wind Turbine Industry application.


  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • offshore
  • operators

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial alliance
  • Industrial alliance



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