Anti-vibration systems

Eidos Engineering is one of the leading experts in mechanical vibrations, dynamics and acoustics.
Eidos Engineering is an Italian company with headquarters in north Italy offering:
• Engineering services: structures, mechanical vibrations, dynamics and acoustics.
• Production of Tuned Mass Dampers (dynamic vibration absorbers).
• Production of wire rope isolators.
Some fields of application are:
• Small wind turbines horizontal and vertical axis.
• Household appliances.
• Tool machines.
• Industrial laundry systems.
Eidos Engineering has developed innovative solutions in vibration control for small wind turbines by introducing a new idea of tuned mass damper. Such device is able to reduce up to 70% the vibration peaks in critical conditions with a high increment in reliability and safety of machines.

Anti-vibration systems for wind turbines

What we offer

Eidos Engineering developes dynamic vibration absorbers generally called Mass Dampers. Mass Dampers are pendulum devices, fixed to the nacelle or to the mast, able to strongly reduce the vibrations and the mechanical stress of a machine. This is possible by the increment of global damping of the system achieved by this type of vibration absorber.
The vibration absorber is used for limiting vibrations and increasing reliability of wind tower structures with a smart and cheap solution. In fact, in place of modifying mast structures or limiting working speed range of turbines, it’s simply possible to add an external vibration absorber specifically suited for a given machine.

What we are looking for

We are looking for customers such:
- manufacturers of horizontal axis wind turbines
- manufacturers of vertical axis wind turbines
- retailers of small wind turbines
- manufacturer of anti-vibration systems


  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • research and education

Collaboration sought

  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Research, Technological alliance
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity


Technical Director & CEO

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