REWITEC has successfully developed a Nanocoating technology which restores worn surface metal structures and permanently protects them from new wear and abrasion. REWITEC Nanocoating offers protection for engines, gearboxes, compressors and bearings, even under extreme conditions. The REWITEC coating technology is not based on modification of the oil film, but on modification of the surface texture of frictional metal parts and the creation of a new very smooth metal silicate coating. The surface which once had metal-to-metal rubbing is modified now to have a contact between two metal silicate surfaces with low friction and improved tribologic properties. Optimizing the metal surfaces of tribologic systems will increase the parts life time. If the Wind Turbines life is only prolonged with about 6 days the product costs are already paid. Furthermore there is a targeted exchange and maintenance of the gear box and bearings possible.

Surface treatment cures gears and bearings after operating in extreme conditions

- Restore of worn surfaces
- Reduction pitting and grey staining
- Increased load carrying capacity
- Higher resistance to scuffing
- Recondition of rubbing metal parts
- Durable wear protection
- Extension of maintenance intervals
- Less spare parts
- Extension of service life
- Reduction / avoidance of down time
- Bridging new parts delivery time
- Reduction of operating noise and vibrations
- Reduction of wear and abrasion
- Reduction of fuel-, lubricant-, and energy-consumption
- REWITEC extends the lifetime of engines, gears and bearings

REWITEC wear protection and surface finish

What we offer

Advice on product use, assessments of plant condition, application of the products
on site, surface documentation by means of micro-imprints with subsequent microscopicvisual
evaluation (before/after comparisons).

What we are looking for

We are in search of customers in the wind industry, but also by customers in the industrial, marine or private consumer.In addition, we are always looking for partners and distributors worldwide.


  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • operators

Collaboration sought

  • Industrial alliance



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