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Handling rotational speed - detecting, measuring, monitoring and processing speed in demanding ambient conditions - is the core business of JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP. AG

From hydro-electric power stations in the Pyrenees to hundreds of wind turbines on the Dutch plains and nuclear powered submarines at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, you‘ll find JAQUET equipment measuring, controlling and protecting rotating machines.

JAQUET's speed measurement chain for wind turbine applications offers advanced reliability, safety, performance & availability.

You can be safe in the knowledge that we understand your world and how to protect it.

JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP offers the world’s most versatile and advanced range of solutions for the detection, measurement, diagnosis and management of rotational speed.

What we offer

JAQUET is a global engineering company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and with subsidiaries in Belgium, China, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the US.
Rotational speed is our core business: detection, monitoring, control, protection and diagnosis.
JAQUET’s vast product offering and constant focus on product and technology development – independently or in joint development projects with their customers – ensure the most advanced and optimized solutions.

What we are looking for

Organisations with an interest in detection, monitoring, control, protection and diagnosis of rotational speed.


  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • offshore
  • operators
  • power networks


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