Large diameter fasteners

Dokka Fasteners Inc., based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA, is a North American manufacturer of high quality, safety critical, large diameter threaded fasteners (M20 to M80) for the global wind turbine industry.

We are a division of Wurth Industries, known globally as a leader in the sales and distribution of threaded fasteners and other C-parts. Working with our sister company in Europe (Dokka Fasteners A/S), Dokka USA is hard at work supplying high quality tower flange bolt sets, nacelles fasteners (studs, bolts, washers, nuts), hub/rotor fasteners, blade studs, and foundation anchor bolts.

As a registered ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, with an A2LA accredited laboratory, Dokka Fasteners, Inc. is your choice for safety critical large diameter wind turbine fasteners in North America.


What we offer

Hot forged and machined threaded fasteners made in North America....

- Tower Flange Bolt Sets - M24 to M64, in accordance to DIN 14399 or DASt 021 Guideline
- Nacelles Fasteners - M20 to M80 studs, bolts, washers, and nuts PC 10.9
- Hub/Rotor Fastener -studs and bolts, PC 10.9
- Blade Studs and Blade Hardware
- Foundation Studs - 8.8 or 10.9 M20 to M80, up to 3.6 meters

- Local manufacture, local stocking and distribution.
- With Wurth industries, we offer product and logistics support into Central and South America.

What we are looking for

Dokka Fasteners is looking for customers with large diameter fastener needs in North, Central, and South America, where localization requirements allow.


  • wind turbine component suppliers

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial alliance


Wind Power Sales Manager

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