Wind turbine component suppliers

A consortium of companies implemented internationally that provide components and solutions for the different phases of the windmill production process.

Their strengths are a huge experience, more than 17 years, and a wide range of components and services. Both strengths allow to increase the competitiveness of their clients adapting the components to the client needs and offering integral management of the projects.

Components and solutions:
- Segments, circular rotor and stator and poles in sheets of all types and sizes.
- Ventilation and end sheets of packages in any size. Stator, rotor and pole cores.
- Tower and foundation flanges for on shore and off shore towers, door frames, yaw Breaking disc and yaw rings.
- Hydraulic systems: Pitch control units, rotor and Yaw brake units, Pitch cylinders, piston accumulators and locking cylinders.
- Cooling and filtering systems.
- Lubrication systems for turbines.
- Equipment for special applications.
- Rotor brakes.
- Yaw Brakes.
- Cast components up to 30 kg.
- Development of machinery and complete lines for the manufacture of rotor blades.
- Automation of the assembly processes (nacelle, hub, gear box, generator, tower…).
- Design and manufacture of various auxiliary equipment for manufacturing, assembly, testing and control, external and internal transportation (by land and sea), assembly at the proposed destination…
- Studs (Foundation and Blade) and Bolts+accesories to fasten Tower, Nacelle and Hub joints.


Naweco Consortium

What we offer

Group of 6 leading companies that provide solutions and products for the different phases of the windmill production process.
A large range of products/services.
With facilities in Spain, India, China and Brazil.
Experience of 17 years working in the wind sector.
Strong and balanced structure: 400 people and €57 M turnover.
The members of NAWECO are:
-Estampaciones Arsan:
-Frenos Iruña:
-Industrias Laneko:
-Industrial Barranquesa:

What we are looking for

-Commercial cooperation.
-Industrial and subcontract alliance.


  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • offshore

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial alliance
  • Industrial alliance
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity


Technical Management

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