Expertise in Renewable Energies and grid integration

We are your certification body in the field of renewable energies. In particular, we deal with grid integration of wind energy plants, solar plants and biomass. We have been familiar with guidelines like FGW TR3, TR4 and TR8 as well as the EEG (German law of renewable energies), regulations and grid codes for more than 20 years. We guide you safely through the jungle of regulations.

We make sure that you get the SDL- (Ordinance on System Services by Wind Energy Plants (System Service Ordinance – SDLWindV)) or Repowering-Bonus. If you are concerned with the grid connection of your solar or biomass/combusting plant according to the BDEW 2008, TC 2007 guideline (Medium voltage grid code in Germany), we are the right person to talk to you.

Do not risk losing your investments due to missing electrical properties with respect to grid connection. We minimize your costs and risks.

We advise you in all aspects of the certification process. Further services are training, survey reports and further activities as technical experts.

Our business philosophy is “The client is king!”. We focus on the essentials. M.O.E. offers his services to all those searching for specific achievements on a high quality level in the field of grid integration. Our target is to implement solutions in a customer-oriented, pragmatic, quick and uncomplicated way that is at the same time cost-effective. The main ingredient to this is the high level of engagement and motivation of our team.


What we offer

Areas of Expertise:
• Wind energy / photovoltaic / internal combustion engines
• Grid integration
• Requirements for energy generating systems (wind, solar
parks and combined heat- and power plants)
• Certification
• Expertise in guidelines and standards

• Unit certification of wind turbines, photovoltaic inverters
and internal combustion engines
• Project certification for wind parks, solar parks and other
energy generating systems
• Component certification (e.g. park controller, LVRT units)
• Certification according to international grid codes
• Low voltage certification

• EZA declarations of conformity (inspection of parks)
• Harmonic measurements for wind and solar parks
• Grid protection tests for wind turbines, photovoltaic inverters
and transition stations
• Training, workshops and talks on topics related to grid
• Damage assessments for photovoltaic systems

What we are looking for

Cooperation in other countries than Germany for Electro planning and commissioning and inspection of decentralise power generation Units like wind parcs and solar parcs etc.


  • power networks


Managing director

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