Public Funding Consultancy

LNE Group is an international government funding and government relations consultancy, working with clients in the United States and Europe.

We believe that governments are technology development partners that can promote innovation and create new market opportunities for ambitious technology leaders. We provide our clients with customized advisory services aimed at securing government support for their research and innovation initiatives.

LNE Group's European headquarter is located in Berlin, with strategically located branch offices in Brussels and London. Additionally, LNE Group has offices in the United States of America located in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Washington DC.

LNE Group: specialists in public funding

What we offer

LNE Group provides first class grant writing services aimed at ensuring technological leadership by maximizing government support through public funding.

At LNE Group, we have developed a personalised advocacy service to ensure our clients can enlarge their capacities for innovation through public funding and thus stay ahead of the competition.

The unique grant writing services offered by LNE Group constitute a process spanning from the analysis of client portfolio’s and innovation roadmaps to the identification of grant opportunities, and post-award grant administration.

With an impressive track record constituting more than 80% success rate in the previous EU Framework Programme (FP7), LNE Group is perfectly situated to address any grant writing needs you may have.

What we are looking for

LNE Group is looking for companies interested in research and development work who would like to obtain public funding to realize their R&D goals.

We offers our services to a wide array of technologies and industries.

Current engagements include:
- Motion and control technologies
- Renewable energies
- Performance materials
- Metal industry
- Ship building industry
- Paints and coatings
- Specialty chemicals
- Semiconductors
- Construction industry


  • hydrogen storage solutions
  • fuel cells
  • e-mobility
  • research and education
  • financial services

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial alliance
  • Industrial alliance
  • Research, Technological alliance


Regional Manager

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